At Rainbow Riders, small miracles happen every day!

Riding sessions are tailored to the needs and skill level of each rider.  Riders with autism, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, ADHD, LD, intellectual impairment, and other special needs ride and progress at their own individual rates.

Research shows that students who participate in equine-assisted activities can experience physical, emotional, and mental rewards.  Many medical professionals, including the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association, recognize the therapeutic qualities of equine-assisted activities.

Volunteers and instructors delight in watching the children develop horsemanship skills while having fun in this safe and supportive environment.  The horse’s soothing rhythm, strength, warmth, and three-dimensional movement pattern provides healthy exercise while improving strength, circulation, muscle tone, and sensory integration.

The discipline associated with working with horses and the social interactions between peers benefits the mind and spirit while raising self-esteem and increasing self-sufficiency through accomplishment.  The unconditional love of the horse reduces anxiety, encourages interaction, and offers a haven where riders can feel a sense of empowerment.

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